[2 Thi Sach, D1; 32 Vo Van Tan, D3]

If you want a calming and serene place to grab a bite, then Hum is the best go-to.

Hum Facade
Photo: Hum

The name Hum comes from the Buddhist mantra “om mani padme hum” which means “peace comes from within”. 

The vegan restaurant first opened in 2012 in a beautiful colonial-style villa. The charming interior is beautifully designed giving out a pleasant ambiance.

Photo: Hum
Photo: Hum

They have a rich variety of food selection. This makes it a great place to eat and hang out and not just for vegetarians.

Delicious Asian food is served beautifully – with many dishes inspired by Thai Cuisine. Dishes have nutritional properties coming from ingredients like lotus, sesame, mushrooms, brown rice, homemade tofu and seaweed.

Photo: Hum
Photo: Hum
A bit pricey. Serve breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Open from 7am – 10pm.


Prem Bistro & Café

[129/4 Vo Van Tan, D3]

Prem was derived from the Sanskrit translation of the word: “love”.

This vegan retreat is a small house of three levels: a ground floor with patio, bar counter and mezzanine; an upper floor with long table and balcony counter; and a rooftop terrace.

This small cozy cafe offers a menu full of delicious home-made fusion dishes, gives out a very cozy vibe for their patrons.

Photo: Prem

Not only delicious, the food here is also affordable with most popular dishes such as grilled eggplant rolls, cashew nuts covered with fresh tomato sauce, eggplant parmigiana, enchiladas, grilled vegetables salad with feta cheese.

Prem is laying back inside a small and quiet alley on Vo Van Tan street, located 300 meters from Tao Dan Park and 500 meters from the War Remnants Museum.

Open from 10am – 10pm everyday and offer a delivery service.


Phap Hoa

[204 Nguyen Trai, D1]

Pháp Hoa is one of best vegan restaurants that can give tourists the local experience.

This tiny restaurant is very accessible because it is located near the backpacker area and Pham Ngu Lao Bus Station.

Pháp Hoa offers delicious budget authentic food with great spices. All the dishes are truly Vietnamese with only local ingredients.

Don’t forget to try the mixed plate or mushroom curry. And don’t be shy to use your body language to point what dish you want to eat with anyone there. They are very friendly.

 Each plate has a range of 1 USD which makes lunch time a crowded affair. They close on the 15th every month of Lunar Calendar.


Saigon Vegan

[240 Bui Vien, D1; 378/3 Vo Van Tan, D3]

Saigon Vegan has an extensive selection of dishes, some desserts and different beverages. They serve coffee and other drinks with a preference of soya milk over cow milk for white coffee.

Photo: Saigon Vegan
Photo: Saigon Vegan

They have two branches. One in the backpacker area is located in the major street of Bui Vien. The other is at an alley in Nguyen Dinh Chieu off Vo Van Tan.

Saigon Vegan has more of modern space with air conditioning – suitable for business lunch and dinner. You can stay upstairs for a good view of the streets.

Open from 7am – 10pm. Price is moderate. 


Bong Sung

[86 Nguyen Du, D1]

The restaurant is very close to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing with inside and balcony seating.

Photo: Bong Sung
Photo: Bong Sung

Bông Súng is a Vietnamese word that means “water-lily flower”.

Bông Súng caters great food with reasonable price. Their vegetarian food style is inspired from the countryside.

Photo: Bong Sung
Photo: Bong Sung
The breakfast set is at 55.000 VND for a noodle and a coffee. Open from 7:30am – 10pm.


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