My favorite thing to do in a day is having coffee. I drink coffee before going to work and while taking a break at the office. During my free time, I go to my favorite coffee shop to read a book or write a journal. I go alone or meet with a friend but always enjoy the coffee time.

Coffee is everywhere in Ho Chi Minh city. When in Vietnam, you should try the Vietnamese iced coffee. You would like cà phê đen đá (iced black coffee) or “cà phê sữa đá” (iced coffee with condensed milk).

It’s easy to grab one from a shop by the street, at a park, in an alley or in a coffeehouse.

Here are my 5 favorite places to enjoy coffee time in Ho Chi Minh City:

5 places to enjoy Vietnamese coffee


Bâng Khuâng Cafe

[2nd floor, 9 Thai Van Lung, District 1]

“Bâng khuâng” is a beautiful word in Vietnamese that is difficult to translate to English. It’s about a vague condition or a tender feeling of remembering, loving, missing, attaching to something or someone. 

Bâng Khuâng Cafe Photo credit: An
Photo: An

This little cafe, on the 2nd floor of an old residency building, stays away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. You will find the building within walking distance behind the Opera House.

Bâng khuâng café
Photo: An

They offer authentic Vietnamese home cooked dishes. Along with true coffee from the highland Ban Me Thuot where the owner’s family has a coffee farm since 1967.

Bâng khuâng café
Photo: An

The best time to visit is before 11 am and after 2 pm when the ambiance is pure, calm, not much visitors, only you sipping coffee and reading book with some indie music.

 It’s often crowded from 12 pm till 1 pm. You may not get a seat since people from nearby offices swarm-in for a quick but quality lunch time.


Yoko Cafe

[22A Nguyen Thi Dieu, District 3]

Named after the wife of John Lennon, Yoko Cafe formed in 2002 has been one of HCMC’s well-known live music venues. 

Yoko café Photo credit: An
Photo: An

Yoko Cafe was once the heart of HCMC’s rock community. A small cozy place for artists gathering, relaxing, sharing their hearts and minds. Many young Vietnamese musicians began their careers here. 

Yoko Cafe closed and renovated twice. It came back in January 2016 with new decorative styling.

Yoko café Photo credit: An
Photo: An

Tofu – one of the owners of the cafe – is a musician who made this place great some ten years ago. Now she’s back with a renewed Yoko Cafe.

She gives her indie spirit into this place and makes it more open, more free, more cozy and friendly. Yoko Cafe now is a live music bar at night, and a cafe during the day with drinks and fusion food.

Yoko café Photo credit: An
Photo: An
Live music from Tuesday to Sunday night. With reservations for the smoking venue.


BK6 Cafe

[6th floor, 104 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1]

Located on 6th floor of a building along downtown, 3 minutes away from Ben Thanh Market

Bk6 Cafe has a fabulous panorama view of Saigon center.

At first, you may think there’s nothing to see with this building. With average shops on the ground floor, but on the 6th floor, there is a nice relaxing space with an open-air set up.

There are 3 different levels and style of seating available.

BK6 café
Photo: An

Bk6 Cafe has tasteful drinks, delicious Vietnamese food, authentic coffee and spicy ice cream.

The best time to visit is “before sunset”. Definitely have an afternoon tea, and wait to see the beautiful sunset over the city. One of the owners is a film critic, so if you’re a movie lover, you know where to talk about movies.

BK6 café Photo: An
Photo: An
Movie nights is on Wednesday and Sunday.


Au Parc

[23 Han Thuyen, District 1]

Located near the historic Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office. 

Au Parc which opened in 2003 serves a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

Photo: Au Parc
Photo: Au Parc

What I like most about Au Parc is the view. It looks out to the park with the peaceful greenery contrasting to busy streets.

You will want to sit at the table on the patio, enjoy your coffee time or indulge in a delicious meal.

Housed in a charming colonial building, Au Parc has beautiful, cozy interior design that you might not want to miss. And the upstairs wine bar is nice and great to chill.

Photo: Au Parc
Photo: Au Parc

A romantic place for a date. A perfect stop to unwind on a busy day. A comfortable cafe for Sunday brunch.

Price is a bit expensive, but worth to visit.


The Fig Cafe

[15 Nguyen Thi Huynh, Phu Nhuan District]

Not too far from the airport and a 10-minute drive from the city center. 

In a small quiet alley, you will find The Fig Cafe hidden behind a wooden gate. As you open the gate, you get inside a green garden and a pond with some lotuses blooming.

In the middle of the pond is a Buddha statue with merciful smile giving a Zen atmosphere.

Photo: The Fig
Photo: The Fig

The greenery gives a fresh scent. It’s perfect for a rainy day. Sitting under an umbrella, listening to the sound of the rain dropping in the pond.

Inside, the decoration is the harmony of contemporary and traditional, Western and Asian. Music is exotic and unpredictable but relaxing.  

Photo: The Fig
Photo: The Fig

The Fig Cafe provides a selection of French, Chilean and Australian wines. As well as cocktails.

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Coffee time:
According to Forbes, the best time for coffee breaks is between 9:30 – 11:30 am and 1:30 – 5:00 pm.

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